5 signs you should stay put

Over the years, I’ve had hundreds of conversations with people who “hate their boss”, are “sick of the politics”, and “fed up of the unpaid overtime / clueless clients / unless AM team / *insert whatever else here*”. I listen, let them get it off their chest and a lot of the time, help them remember that in actual fact, they quite like their job after all.

Misconceptions aside, being a good recruiter is not all about encouraging people to switch jobs like they switch their underwear - there are times when jumping ship isn’t the answer - even people in their dream jobs have bad days - so sometimes, you’re right to stay put

...even if you need a little help to realise it.

So, with that in mind, to help you get a clearer picture in your brain before making any drastic changes, here are five simple yet solid signs you might not need to clear your desk anytime soon!

1). You wake up happy


Okay so, granted not everybody is a morning person… (without caffeine) - but you’d be surprised how psyched you can be to get the day rolling, even if it does require leaving your bed at an ungodly hour. When you love what you do, waking up really isn’t all that bad!

2). You’re ready to attack your to-do list


Clients to call? You got this. Project brief to write? Piece. of. cake. Content to come up with? Bring it on.

Sure, not every day can be a gift from the Gods, and some days can be frustrating… (that’s totally normal, btw) - but generally; you thrive off getting things done, and you love knowing you’ve played your part in the bigger picture.

3). You enjoy helping your co-workers, and they have your back, too

giphy (1).gif

Office politics are practically a different language to you and your team. You are one, and you work as such, too! Your colleagues know they can always lean on you for advice, help or just someone to bounce ideas off of, and vice versa - without any hidden agenda or expectations lurking in the back of your (or their) brain. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

4). You’re an eager beaver

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Sliding down your chair and hiding under the desk in hopes of not being given more work to do couldn’t be further from your reality. You actually enjoy being given more tasks, and you get excited to put your two cents in on new projects.

5). Your company cares about you


It’s not all about what you can do for them, and your company continues to prove that to you. They encourage you to live your best life, and make sure you’re feeling tops in every aspect - from health and wellbeing, to creativity and growth. When you’re winning, they are, too!

So there you have it. Did you relate to any of these signs? If so, take a few deep breaths, drink some coffee, shake it off and get ready for a brand new day. Everything’s gonna be fine - you got this.